Length: 4 pages

Number of scenes: 2, one interior, one exerior - intercut

Number of speaking roles: 4

Number of non-speaking roles: Flexible, as many bodies as you need to suggest a crowd of concertgoers.

Special challenge: It all takes place at night.

Notes on "coda":

    In his book "Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside The Clinton White House," author Gary Aldrich tells an anecdote about Hillary Rodham Clinton giving Secret Service agents the slip and going missing for a period of several hours.

    When I read that, I began seeing a movie in my head, a deeply twisted dark comedy about a First Lady who escapes the White House, only to be kidnapped during a botched convenience-story robbery by a young man who works for an escort service.

    Feeling certain that if I wrote that movie, my father would return from the dead to disown me – never mind other people's reactions – I never did. But it occurred to me one dat that the opening sequence, introducing the young man, might stand on its own as a short. So I wrote that.

    Don't tell your actors this, but this is a technician's script. The sound effects and photography will carry it as much as anything.

    Of course, the more convincing you make the assault, the bigger the payoff will be when the cop reads the business card.


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