"End Run"

Length: 7 pages.

Number of scenes: 10, all in different locations, interiors, exteriors, day, night

Speaking roles: 8 (one off-camera)

Non-speaking roles: Whew. A bunch. A judge, jury, attorneys and spectators in a courtroom; a crowd at a political rally; another crowd at a funeral.

Special challenges: See all of the above info. This thing is obviously unfilmable :)

Notes on "End Run":

    "End Run" was my first short script.

    I remember when and where I got the idea for this movie, but I don't remember how. I was sitting in a meeting for producers at Pittsburgh's community access cable station, PCTV21. The meeting was a training session on how use the studio's field equipment. Somehow, in the midst of a presentation about mikes and lights, "End Run" starting writing itself in my head. It was as if I saw the whole thing all at once.

    Blame the demands that it makes on a filmmaker on the fact that it was my first script.

    Dude, dudess, if you pull together the resources to shoot this bad boy, puh=LEASE let me share it with the world, okay? To prove what is possible.

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