"I Will Love You Always"

Length: 9 pages

Number of scenes: 3, all interior

Speaking roles: 2

Non-speaking roles: none

Special challenges: None that I can think of; it's pretty straightforward.

Notes on "I Will Love You Always"

    A friend once told me about a cousin of his who was a nurse and who had a boyfriend die of a heart attack, which was odd because he was a professional athlete; and who had a second boyfriend end their relationship to become a priest.

    I am not telling the story as well as he did; as he told it, one had to wonder if the second boyfriend became a priest because he learned about the first boyfriend's heart attack.

    One day, I was thinking about this cousin and thought, "What if?"

    What if instead of a man leaving a woman and becoming a priest because she might have killed her previous lover, a man left the priesthood for a woman and then found out she had killed a previous lover?

    Dang. He'd be screwed, wouldn't he?

    In accordance with what has become a pattern, the first draft came quickly, allowing multiple rewrites before I shot it in April, 2005.

    The version of the script presented here re-inserts a line that I had deleted when I shot the film, when Frank expresses his frustration at being interrupted by saying, "This is like writing Ephesians!"

    I had deleted it because I thought it was too esoteric: only a very few people would know that in Ephesians, a book of the New Testatment, the author interrupts himself several times to go off on tangents. I've re-inserted the line because that is the kind of thing that a priest, in particular, would know - and because an audience could get the feeling of the line without knowing the details behind it.


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