"Message, Not In A Bottle"

Length: 1 page

Number of scenes: 1, exterior

Speaking roles: 2 (one off-camera)

Non-speaking roles: none

Special challenge: Shooting in/into a car.

Notes on "Message, Not In A Bottle":

    In March 2007, I read a magazine article in which author spoke about people producing skillfully-done movies with running times as short as fifteen seconds.

    I immediately took that as a challenge: "Okay, now I need to write a one-page script."

    Somehow, that challenge blended with another long-held desire; namely, to shoot a scene in which the only illumination would be the light from a cell phone. No particular reason, except that I thought it would be cool.

    I imagined a sequence in which we see a young man in a dark room, speaking into a cell phone, leaving a message; and when he's done, the spot of illumination moves through the darkness as he lowers the cell phone to his lap, where it reveals his slit wrist.

    I tried shooting a few seconds, with my DV camcorder, of my cell phone in the dark, and concluded that my original conception would not work. So I changed the setting.

    I thought about adding flashbacks of Sam and Samantha as kids, but decided to leave this as a one-character, one-location piece.


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