"No Dessert"

Length: 5 pages

Number of scenes: 2, interiors, intercut

Speaking roles: 6

Non-speaking roles: As many bodies as you need to suggest a busy restaurant

Special challenges: Shooting in a restaurant

Notes on "No Dessert":

    Like "coda," "No Dessert" began as the opening sequence for a feature.

    One evening, as my wife and I were shopping at a local Half Price Books, I came across "The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film: Ali Baba to Zombies," by R. G. Young, a thousand-page compendium that lists more than 9,000 movies dating back to 1896, with a plot summary for each one.

    It's a fascinating book, if only because it reminds me how many movies exist that I not only have not seen, but that I haven't even heard of.

    One of those unknown-to-me movies was "The Affair at No. 26," a British production from 1915 summarized thus: "Man kills wrong woman, frames his brother."

    Those seven words immediately made me want to re-make this movie that I had never seen. As I began imagining how a man might kill the wrong woman, I came up with an opening sequence – then concluded that it could work as a standalone short.

    I like the fact that the central character has only one line.


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